Project Portfolio

At JL Rush, we provide on-going HR guidance and support in all areas of the employment and business cycle.

Following is a brief sampling of project work:

Prepared Employee Relations Investigatory Tools and Best Practice Materials for resolving employee complaints. Materials were delivered to all HR staff in order to elevate their abilities, ensure consistency throughout the organization and improve departmental efficiency.
Designed Sales Commission Plan Structure reducing 50+ commission plans to eight as part of integrating a business acquisition. Aligned the plans with new company culture while maintaining targeted focus on employee retention and commitment to organization success. Launched the structure, communication plan and materials to key executives.
Designed and developed a comprehensive five-stage Merger and Acquisition Manual and Toolkit complete with due diligence, business integration and management, and evaluation materials and tools. Human Resources professionals throughout this organization utilize the toolkit to effectively manage acquisitions and minimize the risks associated with the transaction.
Served as key member of Strategic Planning Team and acted as interim HR Officer. Developed and implemented key HR initiatives including restructure and organizational redesign to align with new mission and strategic plan, recruitment of new CEO and leadership team, design and implementation of incentive pay plans, and change management.
Created Performance Improvement Plan Toolkit for an organization where 30% of employees were underperforming. Toolkit included process flow, templates and action plan and targeted core competencies to optimize employee performance and productivity.
Conducted Executive Leadership and Board of Director Total Compensation analysis, as part of business integration resulting from a company acquisition, along with innovative solutions to address cultural and equity issues.
Collected voluminous employee feedback via exit interviews and provided detailed Employee Turnover Trending and Analysis Reports to an organization experiencing excessive regional attrition. Reports addressed specific causes of employee turnover plus employee engagement and retention tactics.
Developed and launched intensive Employee Communication Program to maintain employee morale and productivity during bankruptcy period.
Coached VP of Human Resources new in role with HR strategies, goal setting, planning, and organizational structure and design to optimize individual and HR department performance.